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Welcome to Fleet Australasia Ltd
Line Marking Paint and Line Marking Machines for Grass, Hard and Synthetic surfaces.

World's No1 manufacturer of Pitchmarker line marking paints.

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MAQA Promotional Video

Danny Pole of Bloomin Gardens

I have been a Fleet customer and user of Fleet products for over 30 years. I have always found their paint, line markers and customer service to be of an excellent standard.

I have recently invested in the exciting MAQA and see it as a huge opportunity to grow my business further, and freeing up valuable time during our busy periods.

Danny Pole - Managing Director
Bloomin’ Gardens & Landscapes Ltd (UK)

Recent Fleet Australasia Developments

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  • Brand New Site & Webstore

    Welcome to our BRAND NEW WEBSITE and WEBSTORE where you can find out all the information on our line marking paints and machinery.
    Fleet will be adding more items weekly so be sure to stop by and see what's new.

  • 3 Seconds To Create An Impression

    Fleet Australasia have been heavily involved with helping Tag Heuer create a one off piece to welcome Cristiano Ronaldo to Melbourne.

    The stencil is 75m wide and over 55m tall which is a tall order to plot out let alone mark. The handful of experts on hand used an impressive 1900 ltrs of Fleet paint and 4 Kombi line markers in order to get the job done in a record 312 hours. Great work everyone!

  • May - July Offers

    It's time for another offers booklet so why not click the picture to the left and view the May - July offers.
    Get social! Facebook, email or txt us a picture of any fleet product and we will send you a Fleet beanie. The winning picture will receive a $100 GIFT VOUCHER!

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